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Chen He (Chinese 賀晨, Pinyin: Hè chén) born 1959 in Nanjing, studied Chinese art following master Wu Yi and Shen Ronger (Chinese: 吳毅,沈蓉兒), and art of social realism as well as Chinese Painting in Nanjing University of the Arts. 1992 she moved to Australia, where she studied Art and Design in Claremont School of Art and Central Metropolitan College of TAFE, Perth.


In the past ten years, Chen embarked on a profound journey, delving deep into the depths of her inner self to dismantle barriers and embrace change. Her odyssey led her to a stage where the inner and outer worlds converged in her art. Light and space have always permeated her creations, each piece created with meticulous attention to its unique requirements.

Earlier this year, she pioneered a groundbreaking technique: symbiotic motion painting. Chen forges brushes from materials unearthed along the seashore, capturing the essence of the beach through videos and translating it onto her handmade paper. These fresh works embody a union of elements—sound, light, wind, force, time, space, life, movement, and vitality—entwined and pulsating with the essence of the present moment. They breathe, they pulsate, and they live!


Chen lives and works  in Perth Australia and her works are broadly collected by private locally and internationally.

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